When is assistance considered?

An unplanned event such as a heart attack, a stroke, a cancer can cause both financial and emotional stress. And for a person dependent on a Government pension such as a disability or aged pension life can become even more difficult. And if there is minimal family support the additional costs needed to help getting better can be beyond reach. Even with family support, financial help can become fractured. Jobs can be lost, a carer can suffer from a lack of time to do everything – sleep is the first casualty. Bills can pile up and remain unpaid. Louisa DaCosta Trust provides financial assistance for both unplanned illnesses and also for life long illnesses where Government support is not available.

Who is eligible?

In 1898 Louisa DaCosta’s bequest was to assist “convalescent” patients in need. Today much has changed. Government provides much needed health care. And since 1898 there have been dramatic changes in our recovery from illness’s with technological advances in drugs and surgery. The Trustees are the sole determinators of the financial assistance that is available from Louisa DaCosta Trust. And will consider requests for financial assistance from a SA Public Hospital patients requiring practical assistance to help their recovery.

Who can apply?

Louisa DaCosta Trust relies on the expertise and judgement of SA health care professionals including Social Workers, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Podiatrists, Registered Nurses and Audiologists to properly assess their patient’s need for financial assistance. Applications are only considered when prepared by a health care professional. If you, any family member or a friend is in financial need following a hospital admission and you think a request to Louisa DaCosta Trust may help contact a health professional in the public hospital setting.